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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sketching on Corydon Avenue

This past Monday we chose Corydon Avenue as our sketching destination. We were thirsting for some urban sketching! It was mentioned by one of our members that there was a new gallery down on Corydon avenue run by Richard who formerly did framing at Artist Emporium. Ruth, Ginette, Luanne and I met at 10:00am and started with a tour of Richard's new gallery. The space looks great and we particularly liked the space that you first entered which was like a lower courtyard. There were beautiful cast shadows on the walls from the outdoor railings and you could see flowers outside through the open ironwork.

We decided to set up right in front of the gallery. What could be better than artists painting "on the avenue" in front of an art gallery. We were well shaded and very comfortable for our painting session. Ginette was looking very cute in her all white outfit and very spiffy hat so I chose to paint a portrait of her sitting in her beach chair holding the small canvas that she was painting on. I worked this oil sketch on a board that had been painted with Venetian Red gesso. I chose not to cover all the red ground. The painting ending up having quite an abstract quality to it.

The plan is to head back to Corydon Avenue for next Monday. I do hope the weather cooperates as this is a fantastic location and I'm sure Richard would like to have us back.

Artist on the Avenue