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Monday, 2 September 2013

The Cornish Library

A small group of us met at the Cornish Library this morning to sketch and paint. This was a perfect location to set up and do some painting. The Cornish Library is a lovely old building that is turning a 100 years old in 2015.  It's holiday Monday today so we didn't even have the flow of people borrowing and returning library books to distract us from our painting. Of course we don't mind people showing an interest ... this is part of the adventure of painting outdoors. Today we had a visit from the couple that lives across the street from the Cornish Library. She was the one that told us the age of the building.

It is really difficult to get the perspective right on buildings. Two of us started with a somewhat more easy view which was being more directly in front of the building. The other two painters were off to one side and closer so the lines, angle and perspective was even more complicated. I started with a watercolor sketch and then decided to do the other view as it looked more interesting when I saw it on Ginette's easel. This is the second time I have "stolen" her view. It's a good thing for me that she can't copyright her view. It's always beneficial to sometimes work with others for this reason. You can learn lots and get ideas just by watching fellow artists.

Below are photos that I took of the location and my two sketches/paintings. I didn't get photos of everyone else's work but hopefully I will have a chance to photograph them and include them later.

The more direct view of the Cornish Library

One artist sketching, One artist painting

Working the difficult view in oils

Nice perspective and shadows

The signage looks more like hieroglyphics than english

Very tricky to get the angles right