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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Geometry at IKEA

Despite the fact that there was a snowfall this morning with heavy, wet snowflakes, five of us met at the cafeteria in IKEA today. We gathered around one of the round tables almost in the corner of the IKEA cafeteria. There's a great amount of natural lighting in their cafeteria due to the large windows. One of the interesting things about IKEA is that you get light only at the front door and in the cafeteria; everywhere else you feel like you're in the midst of a rabbit warren with no way out!

If you get to IKEA between 9:30am and 10:00am, coffee is free which was a great way to start our sketching. I thought perhaps we might decide to disperse throughout the store but we all stayed around the table and sketched what was right in front of us which included whoever was sitting directly across. Everyone today was just using either pencil or pen to draw.

I noticed one major difference today which was that there was a lot more conversation. This of course was due to the fact that we were gathered around a table where normally we are spread out around whatever location we're working at. This was a nice change as there was lots of fun and stimulating discussion about art and art making.

I forgot to bring my camera today but if anyone else has images they want to share from today, please email them to me and I will update to include. The first image below is of two young men having breakfast at the next table. I liked the rather vacant look on the man facing me; he was thinking while listening to his friend talking. The second image was interesting as I started with a sign and then slowly added one line or more accurately, one further geometric shape to the image and built it that way. Even though it consists entirely of lines and shapes, the process to achieve it was quite organic.

Almost forgot to mention who came out ... Ginette, Jo, Angela, Trevor and Shirley. Welcome to Trevor who came out for the first time to sketch with us.

Two guys having breakfast

The lines and shapes of IKEA

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